Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dinner at my place and a 'green' solution to doing the dishes--in every sense!

I shall be celebrating the opening of my new office soon and no doubt there will be a few 'ceremonies;' ones that will satisfy many faiths and belief systems. This will culminate in a 'fun-food' day and I shall display my latest addition to my staff re 'doing the wash-up. Of course you can help, if you can get on down to your knees--no for praying, but feel free. I believe in 'saving the planet' from nasty chemicals and using too much water. Still wanna come to dinner? Hey, Perdy---I told you to wear your apron---that's not good enough, doing the dishes in the raw!' Oh well, they are clean though.
Perdy, the clean and green washing machine! 'Did I do well Daddy?'

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