Sunday, June 1, 2014

China---today you embark upon your second 'Great Leap Foward!"

Yes it's true---a momentous occasion will be enacted in world history, sometime today; indeed it may happen as I write this historically significant blog, one that will go down in the annals of other huge achievements in this huge nations journey.
We all know about the gains made re China's position in the world of trade, economics and the emerging middle classes. We also know about the other side of the ledger, whereby the gap between rich and poor, city and countryside is also growing, just like it is in every major world economy.

Take the USA for example, the so-called biggest and richest economy in the world; then look at the many hundreds of thousands of homeless and dispossessed, the millions who do not have access to good heath or employment. Even in my own corner of the world, at the bottom of the South Pacific, in Godzone, in 'Middle Earth as New Zealanders pretend to like being called, there are terrible disparities between those 'who have and those who do not.'

Put aside these 'negativities' today though China, as you celebrate your 'coming of age.' Remember your 'glorious journey' from a long past of struggle and remember with pride those aspects of your history that have been 'world-shaping events.' I leave you to ruminate on just what those may be 'for you,' and invite you to take pride in what you will achieve today.
I am of course talking about that journey you have travelled in 'reading my blogs every day.' I well remember the first day, over a year ago when I noticed that you had started to read my blog. It began with a 'lone' reader and then it grew. About four months ago you appeared on my top ten list for readers, although many thousands behind the other top ten countries. Then, gradually you began to leap-frog up the board.
You surpassed Japan, Samoa, South Korea (Naturally the 'Dear Leader ' in the North of that peninsula has access but would never allow those of his people who can read, to access my blog!) and then France. Today you will overtake Germany! That will place you sixth on my reading list, well behind your next target---wait for it----yes the UK! You have about 600 hits to beat that 'originator of the English language,' but you will do it. Nothing is more obvious.

SO---thank you China. Keep reading my blogs and better still, buy ROSKILL, either from my website or via the link

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NOW-------China---go for the top of the list!

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