Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Russia playing games---here we go again!

Putin is playing a very dangerous and transparent game. Any sympathy he may have had re his claim that The Crimea was part of Russia has long since worn thin re his latest move is Eastern Ukraine. It seems that no matter what the Ukraine Government does, re quelling the unrest, much of which has probably being fed by Russian agents. If the Ukraine does not ‘stop the unrest,’ Putin will use that as justification to intervene I order to restore order and to ‘protect’ the Russian speaking minority.
Then again, if the Ukraine sends in troops to stop the rioting and criminal behaviour on the part of a vocal and violent Russian-speaking minority, some of who have been arrested and identified as Russian provocateurs, then Putin will use that as reason to ‘invade’ Ukraine. Putin’s cynical response and statements do nothing to lessen the tension in those volatile regions of Eastern Ukraine. It seems that the Ukraine Government is stymied no matter what it does or does not do.
The EU makes noises and NATO pussy-foots it around. The USA calls for ever increasing sanctions, preferring to avoid the military response that they have so often followed, re other regions. Putin is playing this ‘chaos’ for all he can and he knows that if he holds to his present path he will get what he wants.
 It is not quite that simple, Mr Putin. You are approaching a point whereby your ‘games’ put the whole world at risk and between you and the USA; a new Cold War is being revisited upon an unwilling Europe. Your policies are something that we thought had been left firmly in the past. I guess we were wrong. The nuclear clock is beginning to speed up again; this at a time when there are other issues that face the world---terrorism for one. We need a united world community to face that threat. Is what you are doing in Ukraine and possibly other ‘border areas’, contributing to an answer for that vexing issue?

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