Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Finally, Labour concentrates on policy rather than side-issues in the house!

David Cunliffe’s  announcement today that Labour would be ‘unashamedly pro Kiwi’ when it came to Government services and programmes, comes at a time when I was beginning to think that all Labour was interested in doing was to play silly games in the ‘House.’ Take for example the fiasco around Judith Collins and her ‘possibly corrupt’ practices around her partner’s business interests in China. This issue was never going to ‘bring down a Government,’ and even if Collins left Cabinet, so what! It is hardly what the voters and prospective Labour voters in particular even give a moments thought. Labour and other parties play these posturing games, intent on scoring minimal pints while the rest of us are more worried about the big issues and getting New Zealanders jobs, is by far the bigger picture.
 So, David---good on you. It is about time we started to hear real policies; ones that will contribute to more jobs and a higher Government tax take so that there is more money in the kitty for ’Research and Development grants; the area where national made cuts, just another example of short term policies that cut into our future. Let’s see more of what you plan, Labour. Give us reason to vote for you rather than against the present clique in Wellington.

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