Friday, March 21, 2014

Turkish PM orders Twitter shut down---he must have his head in the sand, exposing his tender bits!!

Does the embattled PM really think that the  (mainly young) people of Turkey give a rat's ass about his actions? Does he really think that todays techno-savvy young people will not find a way around his feeble attempts to stifle the discussion of 'truth,' about his undemocratic actions? Hell, even his President is still tweeting, making a mockery of the PM's actions; ones that take Turkey back to a less 'informed and worldly view?' The Turkish people must ask themselves in what direction they want their proud country to travel--to be part of a modern, open and inclusive world, where all religions and opinions are valued, but not to the point that they become the State's responsibility. It is not that Twitter is all that important but it does represent that 'watershed time' in Turkey's history; travel back in time to darkness and repression or open up and enjoy the connectedness with like-minded nations around the world; albeit with the hooks and barbs that such links may have. Democracy after all is only as good as its participants and there are always going to be difficult discussions, albeit ones that embody the ideals of what democracy could be. Aim high, Turkey and take back the promise of your founding Father!

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