Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mr Putin--what is the best way to protect Russinas, wherever they are?----resign!

Yes, there may be solid reasons for Russia retaining or regaining control over the Crimea from a ‘security’ point of view. Yes, we understand that Russia has always wanted a ‘warm water port.’ For such a position there are plenty of parallels re other big power politics from the likes of France, the UK and the USA and now China and India, but please Mr Putin, stop this rubbish about ‘protecting’ Russians in the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. There is very little evidence for Russians being harmed in any way, other than that which you have managed and manipulated yourself. Please look at history, particularly that of Germany, before the outbreak of WW2.
The world is not as stupid as you would like us to think, nor are they as compliant as the Russian people, who have endured such political plotting and outright bullying from the time Russia became a nation, way back in the days of the earliest tribal settlements, much of which was based in the present day Kiev region.
Russians are not likely to resist your pressure, apart from a few brave reporters and of course-Pussy Riot. It is a great pity that there are not millions more Russians who would stand up to you, but the repression in your country makes that almost impossible.
So, Mr Putin, it is pull your head in time; time to actually care what much of the world thinks and to tell your people the truth---not your version of it; one that puts you firmly in the centre of control and your continued personal wealth.
Stand up Russian people. No one is threatening you apart from your own ‘esteemed’ leader.

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