Saturday, March 29, 2014

Jack Russells---I am glad they are not ---'bigger!'

If I ever needed reminding that Jack Russells are stroppy little sods, then I was once again given an example of their 'particular' nature, down at the Bay, today. Perdy whined and barked all the way down, another little part of her nature that sometimes drives me spare. She had slept all night and even let me have a bit more time in slumber-land, so she was more than ready to let the world know that she arrived by the time I pulled into the car park.
Out she jumped, heading off towards the sand, before I thrown her beloved orange ball. The ball had hardly landed before another dog noticed the new arrival. It was a young looking frisky German Sheppard, about four times the size of Perdy; a size that should be daunting for a little Jack Russell---right? Don't be silly! The reaction of the 'owners ' out me right back ion the state I had once inhabited as a new dog owner. Every dog was a 'threat or mine a threat to others'---you know how it goes. The big fluffy GS ran up to Perdy, trailing a long lead behind it, smacking Perdy with its front paw---stupid dog! The owners cried out, one clutching his hands to his chest in  supplication, no doubt thinking that his GS was about to eat Perdy, judging by his extreme reaction.
Perdy did her usual hissy-fit; the one whereby she emits this Jack Russel growl that is half way between a cry of joy and 'don't f----with me.' The first time I heard that sound, I thought that she was in deep doggy do. Nah===== it's just what jack Russells do, when they are playing or abut to launch themselves into the fray, in a what looks like war, but is just boisterous play. Within seconds, Perdy had disciplined the younger dog and embarked on a 'lets have an extreme fun time and see if we can give your owners a stroke.'
After much reassurance from me, directed at the anxious owners, their faces changed from stressful, 'lets get the hell out of this park,' to, 'wow---look at those dogs go.' It was round and around, up and down, flopping all over the grass, a lot of the time, the bigger dog upended. with a white blur off fur on top, and then mad manic rushing around us, causing dizzy spells for the others. I knew to just remain calm and watch, happy in the thought that, this is how Jack Russells have fun and that she was burning off the trouble she would cause if I didn't give her an adequate run. How long is that---how long is a piece of string?'
 Once I was able to extricate Perdy from her 'dominatrix service,' Well done, crazy little girl. It's your birthday, next week. What shall I buy you---a whip and handcuffs?

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