Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sochi Olympics---Russia is about to celebrate it's 'revival' of ----what?!

No doubt Russia will try to make the most of the attention about to be focused on it during the Sochi Olympics. In achieving this, it is doing no more than what any country would do, but there is a far more sinister reason for their actions. Russia wants to tell the world that its position in the world has been returned to a time gone by, when people around the world 'knew' that Russia ( the old USSR) was powerful and influential. With the demise of the Soviet Union, there was a period of chaos and a reorganizing of power and those who held it.
Unfortunately, nothing has really changed, now that the 'smoke of redistribution has cleared.' A 'new' regime, consisting of many who made up the 'old order,' led by its most powerful 'survivor,' Putin has re-emerged. It took just over a decade for the flogging off of state assets to the friends and political  functionaries of Putin and his 'friends' grab the riches and now they are heavily involved in protecting their new position.
They use every and any method in which to maintain this grip on power and given the propensity for the vast number of Russians to 'suffer' as they have done throughout history, any voice that dares to criticise the regime meets the same fate that we witnessed in the past, ranging from lower level 'pressure' to outright brutality and even death There has been a gradual tightening of any democratic institutions; a free press to real opposition in the Duma. No matter how much camouflage or re-describing is used, the same old repressive nature of Russian History is becoming apparent, to the dimmest of observers, within Russia and beyond its borders.
That Russia is involved in a journey that will see the return of its former Soviet Republics is beyond doubt. Just watch what is happening in the Ukraine and extrapolate that to other border territories and you will see a vastly expanded 21st Century Russia, not dissimilar to the one that we thought had been consigned to history. The modern Cold War had begun and the nuclear clock has headed back towards 'midnight.'
Sochi will be far more than a 'celebration' of Russia's dreams or to be exact---Putin's lust for a continuing stranglehold of power making him and his 'team' the richest oligarchy  in the world. He of course has his counterpart sin the West and China; nothing has changed, merely the 'labels.

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