Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mugabe's minions name the 'top 200,' Homosexuals.' Shades of Nazi Germany here, me thinks!

Even if that silly old fool,’ Mugabe, dies very soon, I very much doubt that the evil policies he has overseen re a number of issues will chnage, but his treatment of gay people in Uganda comes to mind most. That he has overseen the ‘naming of the top 200 homosexuals,’ is paramount to a death sentence in his Uganda. He has made his nation a pariah nation, far worse than anything emanating from Russia, where at least the opposition still has a tenuous hold re social issues. Opposition to Mugabe and his policies is becoming weaker by the day and the party that supports him will not give up the reigns of power once he departs.
No amount of policy statements from the UN and other world leaders seems to be making any difference, and the call for sanctions will not be effective unless there a way is found to shield the person in the street from them. Unfortunately those at the top always seem to be immune to economic sanctions. They still manage to put food on their tables and have access to what we take for granted in New Zealand.
Of course Mugabe is not alone in his anti-gay actions re gays in Africa, but he is by far the worst. Nigeria comes close second. We cannot let these ‘evil’ policies remain unchallenged and world leaders need to step up and bring the offenders back into the fold.

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