Thursday, February 20, 2014

Colin 'Sue' Craig---get real---you are playing with the big boys now!

'I'm gonna sue you, because you are saying mean things about me,' he said. Well not exactly, but please, Mr Craig---if you really want the public to take you and your party seriously, grow some clangers and address the issues. YOU don't make the rules and those that exist are there for a reason. Politics is a robust exchange of ideas, prior to putting g them into practice. All you are noted for is your whinging about what 'others' have said about you. I hear you even take exception to what bloggers are saying about you. That takes the cake. Even the PM is a little aghast at your response to Russell's little asides about you.  Come-on---let us see 'policy---what are you going to do about gaining a better future for NZers? At the moment we think you will run the country by the results of whether your latest attempt to sue your opponents has been successful. That is heading in the way that some middle Eastern countries have gone. Hell, once Winston gets onto your case, are you gonna sue him? Fat chance there, dude! The stance you are taking is pathetic and NZ will NOT take you seriously. Unless you change and do so real fast---you are doomed to political oblivion, much like KDC. Toughen up man!

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