Saturday, January 18, 2014

RT(Russian TV) provides an 'alternate' viewpoint....but

No doubt many of you have watched RT from time to time (unless you believe that Fox News represents the 'truth') and have possibly ennoyed seeing another way of digesting the 'news.' Watch RT for longer than a few hours and it would soon become apparent that RT is also in the pokets of the power brokers in Moscow, having the same biases but from a different perspective as the reprts we see on the 'other' newschannels (CNN, Fox, BBC et al) . Just ask often do you see serious criticism of Mr 'untouchable' Putin. Do we see indepth insights into all aspects of modern Russia, other than what suits the current Russian leadership. I like RT but it is no different to other mainstream media in that it employs journalistic ceativeness to describe events on the USA and then neglects or fears to use the same approach for 'internal' Russian issues. In that sense, Western media still has a narrow (but decreasing) edge on freedom of the press.Once the Winter Olympics are over we shall see more of the growing repression of opposition to Mr Putin. In the meantime of course the citizens of the USA will continue to be spied upon and that 'fact' reported avidly by RT as if no such similarities exist in Russia. Oh well... nothing is really new. Hell, if the government of my country (NZ) could do it here, other than the pathetic attempts already happening, they  would do the same. In the meatime I shall still partake in the viwing of mnay of the excellent programmes on RT and merely classify the others as a from of comedic political satire. Damn, it's slow doing blogs from my old phone! Maybe my computer breaks down because the NSA has hackedit. lol. Just I?

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