Sunday, December 29, 2013

Russia faces the ultimate dilemma--I don't envy them.

What is Mr Putin to do? He has it tough on two fronts; (at least) the issue of his particular way of holding power and the increasing opposition to him, and also with the rise of terrorist Islamic cells who are using the Winter Olympics to raise their profile. That they use terror, murder and bombs is the manner in which they operate everywhere, including amongst the nations that are at the heart of Islam in the Middle East. Now the 'fight'has hit home in the Russian Republic.
The latest attack on innocent people in the city of Volgograd brings home the seriousness of what Putin faces. Just when he was using the Olympics to cynically raise his own status as a forward-thinking, 'caring' leader, this happens. How he responds is crucial, both for the future of Russia and the fight against terrorism in any of its forms around the world. He could take a wider view and look at the reason why terrorists operate; be it in the middle-East, the USA, Europe or Africa. He could do this in conjunction with the other nations facing this peril; namely, the USA, China, India, much of  Africa and parts of Europe and Asia. it seems that a concerted effort to identify the causes of terrorism would be a good start.
Putin also has problems within his own political sphere. He can no longer ignore the rights of those who would oppose him in a democratic manner. He can no longer side-line, by devious and bullying methods, these people, because they need to be with him if he ever hopes to defeat the forces of those who would use bombs and guns to terrify a populace. It is time for Putin to reach out in a genuine manner. I wonder if he is capable of seeing the 'new reality.' If he retreats behind the walls of the Kremlin, he is merely following the same old pattern that the Tsar and the Soviet Regime that replaced him. Putin and the other world leaders need to reconcile their differences and engage in dialogue with the moderates of the Islamic World, because they too face a dilemma about their direction; to be part of the world of nations or members of  'fragmented' group of disparate groups who would call themselves 'nations', whose citizens face a daily struggle to steer clear of the combatants---and live.

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