Monday, December 30, 2013

My NZer(s) of The Year award goes to-----The hard-working people of NZ who struggle to keep their heads above water!

Yes, forget about the high-profile people who have been honoured in the New Year's honours list. Yes, they deserve their awards, most of them, but the people who have and continue to struggle against all odds to keep their kids in school, out of trouble, fed, clothed and give that most important of gifts; time and love---they are ones who win any award in my opinion. They are the unsung heroes, the consistent, givers and the winners in NZ. They do this despite the Government's actions or inaction on a range of fronts. They do this despite the lack of a living wage, felt most strongly in the big cities where people have to live, because that is where the majority of the jobs are. That is their responsibility you say. of course it is, but must to be so hard. Must the gap between the top 10% and the rest become ever wider, causing an accumulative effect on those  who once considered themselves middle-class? They don't complain as we would expect them too. They just get on with life, taking a cursory interest in the politics of the nation;perhaps that is their only downfall. They are simply too busy, looking after their kids, doing the 'right thing,' to have time for what they consider a waste of time. They know that they will not be listened to by our leaders, who arrogantly get on with their agenda, to sell NZ to the highest bidder, usually the mates of those at the top. Yes, the real heroes are ordinary NZers, who have put up with an uncaring Government for so long. They will seek answers in the coming year, but once again they will risk being hoodwinked by a dishonest Government, who will trot out platitudes and once again fool the people---unless they truly 'wakeup.'
Have a wonderful New Year New Zealanders, of all persuasions!

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