Friday, December 6, 2013

John and Craig will make splendid tea party friends.

I wonder what Key really thinks of his possible new 'pillow- babe' in Parliament, should the scenario of a Conservative Party 5% plus threshold be met at the next election or the pretty unlikely win of an electorate seat by Craig. He was all set to ramp up the 'loony Greenie'-Labour alliance spectre and keep on with it in an attempt to paint them into a corner. Now that Colin Craig and the Conservatives are getting a bit of traction in  the polls, there is the glimmer of hope for National that was slowly but surely slipping away with his reliance on the Maori Party, Peter Dunne and ACT.
Sure, Labour has had it's issues with the leadership wrangle and some silly slipups by their leader, but all that seems to pale when you look at some of the utterances of the Conservative Party leader. I am sure that he will attract like-minded people; ones that unfortunately inhabit all political partiers, but he may well be outing off some who hold 'conservative' ideas but don't subscribe to his more way-out thinking re 'man on the moon' (or not on the moon) or his ideas around 'creation.' In short he may be a little embarrassing and the very thought of him attaining a measure of power within a National led Government may be putting some potential voters off; far more than those he could attract by espousing such views.
Labour and other political parties should not of course take to much hope from the performance or lack of re Colin  and his gang, because they too have skills in the area of 'feet-shooting.' Political fortunes have always been like the tide; having little to do with policy and more with the ebbing and flow of public opinion, some of it based on nothing more than being bored with incumbent leadership. It has always been this way much to the chagrin of our more promising leaders, like Helen Clark and God forbid, some would say Muldoon. Add in the personalities and you have the explanation of political behaviours and public opinion; yes it has feck all to do with what our politicians are really like and what they actually plan for us. Here endeth my cynical diatribe!

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