Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas reading---check out 'ROSKILL' on Kindle.

The Xmas Holidays (and yes, we still say Merry Xmas in New Zealand!) are about to descend upon us and some of you will actually have some time to put your feet up and stick your head in a good book. Well, may I suggest that you consider ROSKILL, my first book to go on Kindle? If you like a fast moving, topical, funny, yet serious at times story, then maybe ROSKILL is for you.
Imagine leaving behind a life in a city you grew up in, picking up a new job and then---there is your family to consider. Your partner has always been there for you, but in the new city, things start going very wrong. If your partner ‘changes’ and your children start to drift into dangerous new ‘worlds,’ what would you do? Will anyone help?
Read ROSKILL and find out what could easily happen to any family in any city---anywhere. ROSKILL is a story that every teenager should read and parents too.
HOW?  You can visit my website and download the Kindle version. Haven’t got a Kindle? NO problem! --- Just click on the reading App or buy one through the link. Please do a review of you download and read ROSKILL and pass on the link to your friends and contacts.  
Now, go and click on my website and start downloading ROSKILL.

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