Saturday, November 16, 2013

Those bloody flies are back---it must be Summer. I have a solution, or do I?

Yes, as I walked into my nice warm home yesterday, I was bombed by flies as they went about their devious business. How very dare them alight upon me as I pursue my more important tasks, like preparing my bananas that I had grown for drying in my solar oven. For a few moments I blamed Perdy, accusing her of having a secret dump somewhere in the house. How cruel of me. She would never do that. Hell, she saves those activities for the park, preferring to keep the garden free of her actions. By the way, Perdy is a dog, not a person, but don't tell her that.
OK, what to do? Of course the answer was staring at me via my memory of one of the catalogues I have perused online. Solar----you guessed it. There is a solar zapper for mosquitoes so why not use it for flies? We shall see and I will wait until they are discounted, unless I break because the flies drive me nuts. Too late, you say. Cheeky buggers!

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