Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Solar oven, online shopping and now a thermal cooker! What next?

A few months ago I brought a solar oven and tired it out. It took me a while to get it up to the necessary temperature for the right amount of time. I finally achieved this but I have to say that it is marginal at best in the colder cloudy months for Auckland.
I then had an attack of 'online shopping syndrome' and brought a few spurious items. It seems I never learn but I guess there are worse  vices.
Now I am about to launch into my next obsession. It's OK, I am  counsellor so I can deal to myself re self observation and calming techniques! I shall purchase the thermal cooker from an online company selling thermal cookers. The principal is one whereby for a small amount of energy, one gets to cook food at a fraction of the cost of conventional cooker. It works on a similar time-frame to a slow cooker and you may be asking--'why not use one of those for the same or similar result?' Well, the answer is that it is very convenient to start off a meal, and have it continue cooking while one is travelling or out in a boat, camping or relaxing in the park or at the beach. Imagine a corned beef and veggies or a butter chicken recipe with rice 'doing it's thing' while you are enjoying yourself. I am a sucker for such enjoyable occasions. But--it will depend on how good a deal the company that sells the above device offers when I make the purchase. Follow my blogs to see how this all goes and get an update re the solar oven. The company is:

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