Friday, November 8, 2013

Holly Chase: Maybe I should follow your example---'recycle, recycle and lets do it again!

I thought that Holly was a really good example of what used to happen. People didn't throw away perfectly good clothing in the past. They passed it down to younger siblings or at least sent it to Op-shops, to begin new life in the loving hands or an ordering 'body.'
Given the Bariatric surgery journey for the last 7months of my life I have to yet again decide what to do with 'mark three' of my wardrobe. When I looked at the bulging wardrobe this morning I had trouble finding more than a third of it that doesn't make me look like a scarecrow. I guess it will be online shopping again over the next few weeks and figuring our what to do with clothing that in some cases only been worn about 4 times. What is a bit disappointing is that I really like some of the items hanging there, almost screaming out to me that I 'don't love them anymore.' I gently remind them that the only thing that is lost is a load of fat and that I shall endeavour to find them good homes. I won't subject them to the Trade Me route as that has just costs me money as people don't follow through on their bids--lazy buggers! Imagine how a nice jacket feels to be singled out as 'desirable' and then 'left at the alter.' So, I guess it will be give away time again and then I shall 'replace, replace and again replace; this time in the knowledge that I that I think I have finally settled on a good weight for me. So Holly, thanks for the inspiration. Maybe I shall check out the Op-shops when I take some of my stuff down to them.

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