Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The solar oven has hit 100c plus!

Now that I know the solar oven is capable of hitting 100c and maintaining that level consistently I shall be able to try out some 'real cooking.'  It will need to stay at that level or higher before I attempt meat though. Today, is my day of testing and if the weather is OK tomorrow I shall try a savoury mince recipe.
The Bay leaves I dried the other day, were very successful at 70c; anything more would have burnt them. I am looking forward to drying some of the berries I grow and other fruits and herbs. Hell, if I was a gun toting maniac, I would almost label myself as a 'prepper.' But, I just don't have the 'skill' those guys and girls have! With my solar power, perhaps all I need to be at least a 'greenie.' I am sure those of you who know me are laughing your tits off!


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