Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The bushfires in Australia---- hang in there, my friends, and family.

The terrible bushfires in NSW, Australia are worrying to say the least. The fact that some of them could join up to form sort of super fire causes even more concern. Living in the ‘bush,’ has always presented difficulties and one must always be ready to respond when the ‘season’ comes around. It feels like that season is becoming increasingly dangerous and elongated. Is it that the spread of Sydney into the ‘bush’ is contributing to the latest examples of nature ruling? The Blue Mountain Region has always been a popular haunt for visitors and Australians but this year it looks like a disaster area.
The pictures of the smoke, smog, pollution; call it what you will, coming out of Sydney remind me of the pictures we see of cities in Asia with their massive pollution problems.
I do not know what the answer is. Does Australia need to look at where it is best for people to live, safely? Yes, the ‘Original’ people could live with ‘nature’ in all its forms, but modern day living just does not suit that particular environment. The resources need to fight these massive fires are almost beyond Australia alone. We in New Zealand have and will always help, but ultimately Australia has some very important questions to face in regard to increasing its population beyond the main cities, into the ‘bush.’ Mother Nature will always be the winner against ‘humans’ puny efforts. We wish you well, Australia.

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