Sunday, October 13, 2013

'TALK TO ME' is going online soon.

Yes, you can still buy a hard copy of TALK TO ME and ROSKILL. I have a few copies and they available from my website--   You can also download ROSKILL as a kindle version for a very low cost. All you need is a Kindler or a tablet with a Kindle App. That is available free as a download.
TALK TO ME is about to go digital too, very soon. Watch out for the release on Kindle. It is in the final stages of 'production. It will be great having two books on Kindle and more will follow.
So---what is TALK TO ME  all about. I have listened to Talkback radio for many years and I have a love hate relationship with it. Sometimes, it drives me nuts listening to the comments of those who ring in and the 'stirring up' by the hosts. Can you imagine what would happen if a host is 'stalked' online? Worse still, his beloved pet is 'endangered?'  TALK TO ME is an irreverent send up of the talk back industry. If you are offended by the material or story line in the book, then I make no apologies. After all, I am not responsible for your 'reactions.' Only you can decide if there is a smidgeon of 'truth' in my story. Hell, even Perdy (Spot in the book) likes it when I read it to her!
I shall keep you posted and you can help by passing on the link to my website to all of your circles and 'friends. Help me beat the big boys in the publishing world and keep on downloading ROSKILL.
Perdy (a.k.a. Spot)

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