Friday, September 6, 2013

Today, I shall do my birthday thing!

Yes, I had a very quiet birthday on Wednesday, so today (Saturday) I shall make up for it.  No----silly, I am not going to put make up on! Nor will I replicate the 'birthdays of old,' whereby I got as pissed as a fart or forgot what I had said or done!' Quite simply, those days are well and truly done, not because I am boring, but I just can't do that anymore.
I will start by taking Perdy to her favourite park in Mt Eden and then go home and help clean up the house (but I already know that this task will have done itself by the time I get home. No, I don't have an elf living with me and now I am on very dangerous grounds if a certain person reads this!)
I will prepare a brunch for four (maybe 5) of us and that will consist of streaky bacon, grilled tomatoes and mushroom and my sisters wonderful scrambled eggs (yes, there will be cream in it).
How the hell are you able to eat all that? you say.
I don't EAT all that. I will manage one scoop of the eggs, a piece of the bacon and a little tomato and mushroom. I can manage that well now. Also, I want to stop losing weight having achieved way more than I expected. I suspect that I am going to settle around 79kilos and I am might fine with that.
After brunch we are going to take the dogs out, yes dog, because my cousin will bring her little one. Maybe we will take them to Takapuna Beach (while we still can, prior to the Daylight Saving) for a manic frolic on the sand. I can hear NOSH (an upmarket foodies paradise) calling. The plan is that we shall wander through that establishment and purvey the fine produce, making a collective decision, which I hope involves a good deal of argument about the merits of 'this or that.' If we can't agree, we shall bloody well buy the lot!
So out see, the only thing that has changed since the bariatric surgery, is a change in emphasis re my food intake. It is now most definitely 'less is more.' It is also about 'quality.' I eat a great deal less, but have increased the quality of my intake. Does it cost more? Individual items do but the hugely reduced amounts mean that my food bill is about 60-70% less. Ummm- the clothing bill soaks up the excess!
We will of course have a bit of wine, once again the better stuff. For me, that means about one and a half small glasses spread over the whole day.
That's my day, folks. I wouldn't have it any other way. Of course in two years time, when I collect my Gold Card, I may well repeat the exercise on Waiheke Island, having travelled free of charge using the said card. God will punish any evil politician who dares to change such arrangements. If he doesn't, us oldies will! OH hyes, Perdy will be able to travel on the ferry.

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