Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Pope ligitimizes 'non believers.' like they need that?---or care!

The Pope has announced that ‘non-believers’ can live good loves and follow their consciences and therefore be ‘legitimate.’ Nice move, Pope but hardly necessary. No doubt his move will lead to much discussion within the ‘Christian’ community, but generally it will pass by most of us as a big ‘non-event.’
His announcement is of course welcome in the sense that it represents the vast change that has occurred since the days of ‘Holy Inquisitions and Crusades to punish other religious groups.
Now, all we need is for a similar move from the other big religion on the block (and I don’t mean Protestants) and perhaps we could see an end to the strife in the Middle East, along with the Jihadist wars. You reckon they are listening? Yeah, nah---whatever! Maybe that’s just too much to hope for---‘a world at peace with its faiths.’

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