Sunday, September 8, 2013

The America's Cup. Exciting or a damned farce.

OK, I have to admit that the sight of those two huge catamarans slicing through/above the water yesterday in SF was wonderfully enticing. Yes, they were dangerously beautiful and for a while we even had a real competition.
I am not going to go on about the ‘money the New Zealand Government gave to our ‘effort’ as being ‘better spent on other issues, because in my view NZ stands to gain far more than that.
What angers me is that the ‘carnival’ could have been so much more. Let’s face it; the number of contestants was pathetic and it is only NZ’s obsession with winning back the Cup that made it of any interest to us here. Most other countries in the world would hardly even know the regatta is going on. I would far rather see a return to the days when more than a dozen countries contested the ‘Olde Mug.’
I used to love the long drawn out affair we had in the past when many weeks were involved in finding the ‘challenger,’ for the Cup. The ‘craft’ used were more traditional but even they had to be right up there in terms of technology.
Will we see a return to the good old days? Will the huge catamarans be the order of the day, because the sheer excitement and speed will rule the day? I hope that sense prevails and the winner of this round will be able to take us back to the future!

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