Monday, September 2, 2013

It really is hard for our tertiary students ot pay for their expenses. Give them a fair go!

When I compare the cost of getting a tertiary education for today’s students with how I achieved my ‘ticket,’ I have a great deal of sympathy for them. We did not need massive student loans and travelling to and from the ‘halls of knowledge’ was less problematic. I can even remember being able to park my car right outside the lecture theatre in Princess Street. Most students use public transport now and if there is a cheaper way to help them travel and that means a subsidy, then that is what should happen.
I can hear certain sectors in the community (the same ones who always moan about any rates increase, but then have the gall to complain that they are not receiving ‘services,’ because they have been successful in supporting candidates who wish to hold down rates)
The young man from Longbay College has every right to complain about the removal of a subsidy that in effect, means that he has to find yet more money for his textbooks. Surely we want young people to use the Northern Bus lanes’ and not clog up the motorways with their cars. If that means the public ‘helping out,’ then that is fine with me. To my ‘lucky generation,’re educational expenditure, I say, ‘give the young ones a break!’ Hell I don’t hear any of you bitching about your Gold Cards!

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