Saturday, September 7, 2013

Australia decides that it doesn't want the damaging infighting of the Labor Party!

Yes, Australia has 'voted out' the Rudd Gillard and Rudd again Government. I very much doubt that they votes the Tony Abbot Government 'in.' We have seen this understandable fact of political life both here in NZ and Australia; indeed all around the world that purports to be 'democratic.' The alternative----well just look to Syria, Egypt and the like where either a 'military oligarchy' or a wannabe dynasty rules.
Australians will now have to live with their decision. Who can blame them for giving up on the ability of the Labor Party to rise above the petty, yet extremely damaging sector and personality driven leadership battle. Whilst it inevitable that a certain level of 'struggle' will go along with any attempt to garner support for a leader, when it becomes a semi-permanent feature of a political party, then it becomes damaging to a country. In Labor's case it seemed to be never-ending. The end result was always going to be collective,' shrugging of shoulders' as if to say, a curse on your bloody internal feuding.'
When an electorate reaches this stage, it turns it back on the incumbent party and casts it aside, like so much flotsam. It is the perception that a government does not have the best interests of the country at heart, purely because the infighting dominates any good that that government has done, in the form of progressive legalisation and economic management that leads to the destruction of trust.
Yes, I know there are many out there who would challenge any idea that such a government had achieved anything while in office, but that too is the nature of politics, right or wrong. Certain held beliefs are often unchangeable and a large 'rump' of people always vote the same way, probably just as their parents had always done. It is that quite small minority of people who think deeply and represent a true 'swinging' voter position that makes or breaks a government.
When you throw the craziness of the Labor leadership struggle into the mix, then anything 'good' achieved by that government is lost in the media attention and talkback shows as people get swept up in the perceived hopelessness of the peoples' feeling about a government.'
Labor had it coming: The polls had it right and that the Labor Party was unable to stop its mad dash along a the stuffed railway line towards political disaster was an predictable result---one that quickly played itself out on our TV screens last night.
has Labor leant from this. I doubt it!
Has the NZ Labour Party taken note of the fate of their cousins over the ditch?! I feckin well hope so!

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