Saturday, August 10, 2013

Spring---you are a 'tease.'

Don't you love it when everybody is feeling 'spring like,' and the daffodils are showing off their gaudy heads? The day dawns bright and mild and the sun takes hold in the sky as if to say, 'I'm here for the long term, so bring lout your washing, plant your seeds and walk your dogs.' The promise of something special is in the air.
Trouble is, it's all a big lie. By the time you have travelled half a kilometre on your way to the park, the heavens open and the wind shakes the car. Do you turn around and head home; knowing that your pooch will attack you at every opportunity for the gall you have shown in going back on your word--'walkies?'
What big shiny liar you can be, spring. On then one hand , you give and on the other you take away. Oh well, I guess its all part of the 'big plan,' making sure we don't take for granted the gift that spring eventually becomes. I'm gonna enjoy you anyway.

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