Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My choice keeps changing on me! Is it going to be Shane, David or Grant?

Since posting my last post and adding it to Facebook, I have had a few challenges re my thinking town my way. One aspect of aging for me is that I think I am prepared to reconsider my thoughts about issues of the day as more facts are illuminated. Sometimes, those ‘facts’ are those of others. Now apply this to the dilemma I face re the new leadership of the NZ Labour Party leadership.
On one hand we have David Cunliffe, an able and obviously intelligent man with a strong background in the Labour Party. Some label him as being from the Princess Street Branch, as if that is some sort of ‘strength’ or maybe ‘impediment.’ See what I mean---- it’s all about perception and when the numbers are crunched in an election; one loses votes and attracts, depending on the mass perception of the voting public. IN other words, one person cannot appeal to everyone. Swings and roundabouts I guess.
The next choice is re Grant Robertson, yet another intelligent and effective politician. He has the backing of none other than Titiwhai Harawira (not Hone). I am not so sure that such backing will help him! Don’t go assuming that David has the backing of the ‘Gay’ caucus. Nothing is that simple, given that Louisa Wall has thrown her weight in behind David. Grant is without doubt an excellent debater; absolutely capable of ‘taking it to John Key.’ Will he attract middle New Zealand? Will he lose those voters who cannot countenance a Gay PM? It should not be like this in a perfect world, but---you know the rest! He can most definitely do the job, but that small percentage of voters will not back him because of his sexuality could be enough to lose the election for Labour. I hope and wish that this would not be so.
Finally we have Shane Jones. Once again a small group of New Zealanders will remember the silly scandal re his using a credit card to view motel pawn. If every politician who had accessed a few ‘sites’ at home or elsewhere was ‘exposed’ there may not be a hell of a lot of them left in Parliament. Yeah, I know, you say indignantly, ‘that is not true!’ Yeah right. As the man said, ‘I am not going for the Pope’s position.’ I believe that Shane would be more than a match for John Key or anyone else in the National Party and he is very much in touch with the ‘man and woman on the street.’ He has wit, some may say too much. Once again, don’t assume that he has the backing of the Mari caucus on the Labour Party as we have seen some come out in favour of other candidates.
So where does this leave me--- why I am considering them all and will not divulge my choice until the last moment, Whatever that is, it is open to change as I believe that all three are very much in the run. I am not into putting any of them down; I am merely looking to see who is most likely to deliver Labour the victory it needs next year.

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