Monday, August 12, 2013

Mugabe tells his oppositon to 'go hang themselves.' Hasn't he already sort of done that?

Mugabe is a buffoon but a very dangerous one. His hold on power is such that the people of Zimbabwe will never be able to enjoy real democracy while he and his cohort hold power. The history of his party is one that started with an ideal, but he has gradually stamped his own brand of state fascism come extremism, all with no other aim than retaining power. His southern neighbour is strangely silent on the abuse of power; a fact that does not portend well for the future of that nation.
The Commonwealth is incapable of turning this potentially powerful nation around and the UN sits idly by because that too lacks teeth to call the megalomaniac to heel.
What is sad is that Mugabe is not alone in his relentless ambition. He has built up a system that will carry on once he departs this earth, probably very soon. The 'stolen election' is but a pointer to what will come next--more of the same, but unfortunately after a bloodbath amongst the 'wannabe' Mugabes. When will it end?

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