Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How low can I go?!

I am starting to wonder when the weight-loss will stop. I am down to 82 kilos and still dropping. I know that I have had it really easy, compared to others and I guess that’s just because we are all different. I know that this pathway is not for everyone and even I would have rather done it another way, but having tried lots of those ‘ways,’ I settled on my own pathway.
I am finding that three meals a day just doesn’t fit for me. I can’t eat much and I find that I don’t necessarily get enough into me, especially the minerals, hence the need for supplements. I am thinking that I should make up veggie and a little bit of fruit add/juices to help with that. I am also adding snacks, in the form of nuts, dried beans and other ‘protein-containing foods.
The overall judgment so far?
 Hell, it won’t be long before I can throw away nearly all of my medication. Sleep Apnoea has gone, blood pressure--- excellent, diabetes type 2----- clear and cholesterol—normal You could say that I have never been healthier; at least not in the past 30 years.
My journey?---great.
Yours---over to you.  GO well.
PS    My dog loves the extra walks.

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