Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Australian election---Yawn!

I think our Aussie cousin are waking up each day, a little more bored with the choices they have re the upcoming election. For a short time there, it seemed that Kevin was going to bring a bit of relief into the race, but the electorate has quickly found out that he the same old Kevin they used to know. Then on the other hand, thye get to witness Tony making embarassing  (but bloody funny) gaffes. Put the two together and I hear that there is a movement to emulate the Boat people, but this time made up of Aussies wnating to flee the bredom of the Aussie elections. I hear that some have even become 'wannabe gays' in order to come to NZ for  a marriage ceremony. Of course being the welcoming people we are, then I say, come on over my frineds. You may even decide to stay. I shall arnage for the navy to assist in the relocation so that you can arrive in comfort and safety. NO leaky boats for you---ooops, hang on. I did say the NZ navy. Maybe that's a bit too mucvh to ask for. OH well, I hope you don;t get driven to desperation and seek out other palliatives to your boredom. Just chuck anothoer prawn on the barbie mates!
Yeah, nah, I didnt speel check this one. Had to give you something to do other than listen to Tony and Kevin!

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