Friday, June 7, 2013

Why are our teenage children fighting---with trajic results?

I do not think for a moment that the tragic death of a young Kelston boy was a premeditated killing; the two boys involved in the fight against the young boy did not go to kill----but they did (two of them) possibly go for a fight. Unfortunately this scenario is enacted in our school grounds and on our sports fields on a regular basis. What is behind such mindless 'not give a stuff'' about the consequences. behaviours? It is very worrying that young people fight at the drop of the hat, for no reason other than gang or friendship affiliations, revenge for imagined slights and egged on by social media formats. Fighting for young people has always been a fact of life, but the difference now is that too many people know about what is about to occur and then bring along associates who have no feeling for anything other than to have fun at someone else's' cost.
Lets face it; the examples some of their senior 'heroes' portray are less than honourable. When we see household 'names' behaving badly and violently, why would we expect teenagers to hold back. The idea of serious consequences for a fight seem beyond the understanding of young people. The simple fact is that if a heavy fist or boot comes into contact with a young head or other body regions, the results are very different to those that are shown on films and TV. Once hit hard (and some adults encourage their children to hit hard so that the 'opponent' does not get up!) the medical conclusion is quite different from that which suggests the 'fallen' simply gets up and 'has another go. 'School yards and sports fields are becoming dangerous places, not just for those fighting, but for those who stand and watch. We need to take a long and hard look at the values we are instilling in our kids. Such ideas of unfettered violence do not exist in a vacuum!

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