Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My beautiful 'fecked' pergola!

So you just bought a new pergola and you are looking forward to using it during the rain, sort of like an all-weather BBQ space, where you can relax in the shade on a hot summers day, or hide form the rain while entertaining your friends with you BBQ cooking away in the background. It has nice hardy canvas topping and a brushed steel framework. Wonderful----it should last for years, right. Hey---al the main stores sell them and you can pay way over $500 for them. I bought mine and paid someone $100 to put it up. He did a great job and before you say, 'why didn't you do it yourself?' think again. You obviously don't know me. I did not earn the nickname re DIY projects, as 'rip shit and bust' for nothing. I have no skills or interest in pursuing such projects and why not give someone else the job. I am doing society a favour by creating employment and saving myself and others from severe mental health issues by diverting my anger and frustration.
The pergola was wonderful, although it did tend to look a bit like a tent in an urban oasis. I used it for the intended purposes and then some, like drying washing along with the usual social servicing centre aspects.
Everything was fine for a few weeks  until I noticed a tiny rip up at the top along the rim of the framework. I just stuck 'duck tape' on both sides and it seemed to work. But---- the  weather in Auckland is not always like the long hot summer we have just had. The wind finally blew and after a few storms---well, let the picture tell the story. The moral of my sad blog----'''don't get sucked into buying one of these in the belief that they will last.''' Shops like Mitre Ten or Bunning's do not tell you that they should be taken down regularly. I mean---you try and get that top off every time you smell a storm or high winds! You just ain't gonna do it unless you have paid household servants.
I should have spend a bit more and got something way more permanent and of solid construction. Hopefully the new one that my friendly neighbour is going to put up for me will last a great deal longer and look one hell of a lot better. OH, try and take your ripped up fecked pergola back to the place of purchase--- I doubt they will want to give you another one--the same damn thing will happen!
Oh dear, I don't think that was meant to happen! The bloody tops gone!

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