Sunday, June 30, 2013

I came, I saw, I conquered. Just a little achievement and one of many to come.

I conquered Mt Everest like any good Kiwi should aspire to. OK, I know that is a bit too much to claim as the mountain was a mere hill, but for a former fat boy, it was quite an achievement. Not only did I accompany my crazy Jack Russell to the summit, along with about a dozen other dogs and their bosses (well they think they are!) I did it without actually being aware of the steady climb because as usual I was motor-mouthing the entire journey---surprize!
It was a beautiful day and on reaching the top, the view was magnificent. To think that about 4 months ago, I would have had to stop about ten times; that’s about once every 15 metres, then I am happy with my little achievement. I know the picture isn’t that good, and if you can’t see it, go to my blog through my website.
Just a little achievement--the top of Big King Reserve.
The pitures big, beacause it needed to be! The old me!

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