Friday, May 24, 2013

Mr Dunne is going ot bring the ban on drugs being sold in our shops forward.

While I am happy that the plan to bring the ban on sales of synthetic cannabis in our dairies forward, I know that we will still have to contend with these substances and that our A and E departments will still have to deal with the aftermath our youth experimenting with these products. We all know that the sales will simply go underground and that the criminal circles will take control of the sales. The programme on TV last week showed us the individuals who push these substances to be people who only care about profit. When asked to take one of these products themselves, there and then,'  one of them explained that the building was 'smoke free' and even he admitted that SC was more dangerous than cannabis,  We have seen this stance before by the leaders of the tobacco industry so why would we be surprised? The same can not be said for those in the wine business!
Once the ban is instituted, it will be important to keep up education programmes and levee the producers and sellers of SC for the cost and treatment of the resulting issues. They should be taxed at a higher level than that already in place for tobacco and alcohol products.
In the meantime, the battle continues and the putting forwards of this legislation is most welcome Mr Dunne.

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