Saturday, May 4, 2013

Grrrrrr----it's cold outside---Whats a girl gotta do?

I know, It's sartorial elegance, but it does the trick. Yeah the rugs are from the Warehouse and not exactly Kashmir, but who cares. It's pissing down outside and there's a warning about more wind and rain. Hell, I'm not going outside. If I need a wee-wee, I shall just have to hold it until morning when I can go for a walk and use the street. Just in case you think this is Neil; think again. It's Perdy.  Yum, those chicken necks were nice for dinner. Now----what's next?  Oh hell, I'm not getting up.
Will you please turn the damn light off and while you're at it, turn the TV down too!
Neil will have to bring them to me!

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