Friday, May 3, 2013

Charter Schools are simply a front to enable more of the education dollar being syphoned off into the hands of National's friends!

Take a look at who is supporting the idea of Charter Schools and almost inevitably you will see the friends of National and ACT lining up to take advantage of this shift in resourcing. The CS initiative is nothing more than an attack on free public education and the growing realization amongst entrepreneurs and big business to get their greedy hands on more of the public purse. They have dragged along self-seeking groups who have been kidnapped by the hype in the belief that they too can stick their snouts into the trough. With  the unholy alliance between ACT and National and along with the misguided support of the Maori Party, we have the makings of a completely changed face for education in New Zealand. Those supporting this groundswell of selfishness have completely failed to take head of overseas research. We are dooming a generation of New Zealand children to having to endure what will rapidly fall apart, apart from the few who will benefit from the C S movement, because many students will be cast aside as being 'too difficult to handle.' Those kids will be left out of education as the public system grinds under the burden of a sector that will receive less and less funding. Doesn't that formula sound familiar?
It is time for NZers to wake up and state clearly that they will not let their kids suffer from the State funded greed of  groups who are kow-towing to the National/Act/Maori Party alliance. The damage done with  the roll out of CS is going to take a generation to fix. We have seen this scenario so many times under National Governments. A nation that does not take good carte of the children and their education is one that does not care. Profits are the only underpinning philosophy re CS. It is dressed up as something else but the bottom line is giving more to the friends of National, nothing more, nothing less!

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