Friday, April 26, 2013

I reckon I'm about half done, baked or call it what you wish!

It's the 27th April, about 3 and a bit weeks since my operation. Everything is going well and I am looking forward to going back to work. There is a real difference now and I have so much more to look forward to. Less food bills and way less medication. I sleep amazingly well now and have much more energy. I have even reinstated my goal re one day buying a camper van and travelling in my holidays; with Perdy of course.
I still have a love of food but it seems to be healthy food now and I love entertaining my friends. I can't eat much, even if I want to. I very quickly arrive at a point where I get the message--'enough boyo, unless you want an extreme reaction.' So far that has not happened. I have turned my love of cooking into making some pretty amazing dishes and because I eat so little, I have only the best!
Since beginning the Optifast phase and post operation, I have lost about 22kgs. What's that in pounds for my USA friends-----48.5 pounds---holly hell---that sounds a lot. For the UK that is 3.4 stones.
Now the hard part---losing another 15-20 kilos. That will take time, determination and exercise. I must, because even though I am smaller, there is a great deal of weight where it shouldn't be and that is the dangerous weight around internal organs. Many people have this. Some people are skinny on the 'outside' but fat internally.
Now a few before and after pictures!
That's most of my family--me on the bottom left on Xmas day, 2012.
Me minus 22kgs (half done!)

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