Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 6---post surgery.

How do I feel? Great, but no pain killers from today on, so it may get a little rough.
                         Fantastic, because I no longer need pills for Diabetes.
                         Good, because I have halved my blood pressure pills.
By the way, that was not my decision. I would never do that unless the 'doctors' told me to!
                         I can walk a bit more, so long as I pace myself. This too is acting under instruction.
                         I am managing the 'tiny' meals (about an egg cup and a bit full). Soups seem to be the best option, all made by myself or good friends. My freezer is overflowing with them. All food has to be liquidised so that's the way to go. Oh for a soft-boiled egg!. I also eat cottage cheese and salmon form a can. I mixed that and it looked like cat puke but tasted fine. I thinned it down with unsweetened yogurt. Yogurt is my 'friend' as it is so soothing and slips down a treat. I will begin to make my own soon.
Now, here is my recipe for an incredible chicken stock, which forms the basis for many of my soups. All I have to do is add extra protein, like lentils and various other vegetable 'protein.'

Buy some chicken carcases. (They are cheap and this reminds me of the fact that my food bill is now miniscule.) Gently simmer them with an onion cut up but not peeled, garlic, bay leaves and a carrot. Don't salt it but pepper is OK. I simmered mine for 3 hours. Let it cool. Pour into a large sieve and squeeze as much fluid as you can into the bowl below the sieve. Let that cool some more in the fridge and skim off the layer of fat. Next day the results will be a lovely jelly like stock. I use this for everything; poaching chicken, making soups and stews. Healthy, cheap and lovely.
I'm off for afresh air walk and I just heard form my dietician. She said to eat a little more and that I can have an egg every day from now on. Whoopee!


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