Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jesse Ryder did nothing to deserve this!

What happenned to Jesse Ryder is so wrong. Yes, we all know he has had difficulty re his drinking and it may have even re-emerged in the last few weeks. Jesse was about to go to India for the season and things should have worked well for him, but last night he got into some sort of altercation with a young man at a bar. Jesse walked away and he was King hit by a patron whose family then got stuck into Jesse.
I can think of almost nothing that could justify this action. That several of the group attacked Jesse and caused such damage sickens me. What sort of 'thinking' is behind such a cowardly attack? Even if Jesse gave them some lip, the reposnse was so over the top that I am left wondering just how safe our sportsmen and women are when they go out. Do we have to employ minders for them? Society is sick of these criminals who believe they have the right to take such actions. This group must be idendtified and dealt to---- but the law, not some group that thinks it has the right to take its own form of action. Yes, even these low lifes deserve 'justice.' As for Jesse---go well mate!

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  1. Neil, Who is Jesse Ryder?? For those of us who do not live in New Zealand and don't recognize familiar New Zealand national public figures we as a minority do not know who you write about in your blogs.