Friday, March 1, 2013

I love TVNZ One on Thursday night

Why would I make such an almost passionate statement about a particular night on TV? Well, Thursday Night on TV One has four programmes in a row that I really look forward to, a combination of a surprisingly good NZ offering and three beaut (as we say in NZ and Australia) British/Irish comedies.

Firstly we have the NZ one, The Agent, a funny take the piss poke at the Real Estate industry. It started a bit lame, but it has grown on me. I don’t care if the industry gets the pique; maybe they need to. It’s just a damn good laugh.

Then we have Miranda, a comedy that you either love or run a mile from. Miranda represents that little bit of us that we don’t like to show. She puts it out there and lets us feel that we are verging on the normal, despite out fears, shyness or other quirks. I do wonder if she will be able to have another series. I suspect that she will need to take her humour in a different tack completely, but if anyone can, she can, In the meantime, bring it on girlfriend!

Next is Mrs Brown’s Boys. This one has me almost rolling on the floor, a bit like she doers sometimes. That ‘she’ is a bloke makes it even better. I am afraid that ‘Feckin’ has now become a part of my vocabulary and the fact that I don’t use it on my blogs it almost a feckin miracle of self-control. I just love this comedy.

Finally, a newbie onto the screens for me. Citizen Khan is bloody funny. It totally takes the piss in a way that quite surprises me in the new age PC Britain. That it can get away with the subject matter really leads me to believe that the UK is OK. The characters are over the top but once again, maybe there is a truth in that we are all a bit like that. Think of your own families or religion and perhaps you can arrive at the same conclusion as me---we are all the damn same----if you look beneath the surface or behind closed curtains.  Long live Thursday night on TV One.


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