Thursday, February 14, 2013

Texas wants to be the real 'lone star state.'

I read with interest a report that said that some of the populace in Texas wish to leave the USA and go it alone. That they are the 15th biggest economy in the world speaks heaps for such a desire; they could actually do it. Apparently there has always been a move in Texas (and in other states) to do just that, but it has always been a small minority of Texans who wish to follow through.
I have often wondered at why more states don’t have movements to leave the Union, but not quite so stridently as Texas. There seems to be a move in many countries to ‘fragment;’ from Spain, to The Russian Federation and possibly regions within China. If we looked hard enough, I guess it wouldn’t be hard to find other examples of regions wishing to break away from the ‘mother state.’
I wonder if there is any such move in New Zealand. The only area I can think that would lean that way is the inland area around the East Coast. They after all never bowed down to the Crown in our struggles here.
West Australia would be the most logical state in Australia to have such ambitions and they have the wealth to manage such a transition, but in all cases, I doubt that the aspirations of the few would become a reality for the many.
What then will happen in Texas? I guess things will carry ion as per normal. I cannot see the USA fragmenting any time soon, but who knows what ‘conditions’  and events will turn the dribble into a flood? The process of ‘nation making’ has always been and always will be a continuing force in our future.

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