Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our MPs should represent a broad spectrum of our society, right?

I think most New Zealanders would be reasonably comfortable with the above statement. Our Members of Parliament should reflect all sections of society and the current system we use to vote our members in goes a long way to achieve this. However, it also throws up some rather interesting individuals, who tend to be on the edge to put it mildly.
Mr Prosser is such an example. The New Zealand First Party put him high enough on their ‘List’ to ensure that if they crossed over the required 5% threshold, he would get in. Surely they knew about his tendency to have ‘brain farts,’ as some have put it, some of them bordering on the extreme and most certainly the ridiculous. I wonder if this will come back to haunt them, but then again, maybe it was a cool calm and calculated move on the part of the party that seems to be quite effective at garnering enough support from certain sections of society that when added together, are more than capable of boosting the party’s fortunes. Winston Peters, the ‘Dear Leader’ is well versed in playing this ‘game.’
Mr Prosser probably says what a significant number of New Zealanders, albeit a small minority would like to say, but have the good sense to shut their mouths. I would not be surprised if Mr Peters quietly encourages such members to make statements that he knows will ring a few bells with people. Even the controversy that results could go under the heading; ‘any publicity is good publicity.’ I’m not so sure.
I suspect that the recent statements and writings of Mr Prosser would have embarrassed quite a few party members. Will they make their feelings known to party officials or will they just bide their time until it all blows over?
I must say, that some of the reactions to Mr Prosser’s ranting have been disproportionate to the actual event and comments, especially from overseas sources have been a little bit precious, some from countries whose human rights records leave a lot to be desired. Still, New Zealand can ill afford to have potential trading partners view us with anything less than adulation for our way of life and record on ‘things that matter.’
It is a pity that we all can’t just see the guy for what he is ----‘someone who burps before he thinks,’ but then again, maybe he really does think like that. Oh well, we have seen it all before and no doubt there will be other ‘fools and half-brainers’ in Parliament who will have their time in the sun too.
So, do our MPs reprenst the views held by all NZers? Well, I suppose they do. That is the price we pay for having 'freedom of speech.' I guess we can put up with the fools. We can certainly boot them out every three years.

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