Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Optifast---be gentle!

I met with the dietician yesterday. This was a very rushed process as I had to travel to Whangarie for a family funeral (we said goodbye to a wonderful old Aunt of 92 years of incredible living).
I learnt about the process re Optifast. It seems that the first 3 days of this VLCD (very low calorie diet) are going to be the worst. After that the body goes into a state whereby the fat is burnt quite quickly. This is all to shrink the liver to allow for easier access to the bits they want to ‘transform.’ Given that the whole process is laparoscopic, I shall do my best to assist by ‘doing the right thing.’  
I will be on this regime for 4 weeks prior to my date with my surgeon. I see him next week and he will give me my operation date. I can order Optifast online, but I propose to visit the chemist I know and get deal form him. I also want him to make up a mixture of the available products so that I don’t get too bored. I can add two cups of veggies a day and one small piece of fruit. How I eat them may be made more interesting by adding the veggies to a thin miso broth. I also propose to make an ice cream out of the ‘shakes,’ using my ice-cream maker. That sounds a bit decadent but it is all within the rules. Hell I am not about to waste $19,000 that I am going to spend on the whole procedure!
Am I looking forward to this next phase? Well, it’s more like, I just want to get it all over and done with and discover a new healthier me. Once again I say to anyone who is thinking---‘just go on a diet,’ I am no different to someone who has a problem with smoking, gambling or alcohol.’ I won’t be rude because most comments I receive (but not on here for some reason---maybe it’s a bit too public) that are negative are based on misinformed thinking. By entering this new  phase of my life I am also saving myself and the Taxpayer money, by not further complicating my health and becoming a drain on the afore mentioned. We need our taxes for other things, don’t we?
Mm---what’s for dinner tonight, as I can still have 5 more days of relative freedom? Hell, I lost 3 KGs in the last 3 weeks and I don’t know how.

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