Saturday, February 23, 2013

Don't push just any old button on your computer!

Today I committed a cardinal sin; well as far as the world of computers is concerned, that is. My nephew who is a bit of a computer whiz; he makes his living at it so I guess that qualifies him. He had stayed with me for two days and before he left he sorted out some issues re Malware---I hope I have correctly described what he did.
I waved goodbye and immediately signed in to check my blog page and emails. Having done that, I decided to give things a rest for a while. That is when my horror of horrors began.
My eyes rested (well I was in that mode after all) on a Samsung ‘Restore’ icon. My mind went back to the work my nephew had done. Hey—he had done me quite a favour so why not carry on as he had set me up? I should make sure that everything was right.
I quickly became enmeshed in a world of questions and decisions and before I knew it, I had lost everything on my computer. I could sign back in using a new password, but that was it. I could not connect to anything, including the internet. I panicked and considered throwing it out the window, until I remembered that my beautiful computer was only 2 years old. How embarrassing. Should I ring my sister? What would I tell my partner? I tried to forget about it and ‘own up’ when my partner came home---after a very long hard day at work.
I waited and thought up what I might say. There was only one pathway---complete honestly. I was asked----‘What the hell did you do?’ How much lower could I go? I admitted my foolery and after about 2 hours of reinstalling and seeking out my favourites, I am up and running again. Wow, I am sure a ‘dinner at a nice restaurant’ is in order----OH no---not for me. I only have two days of food freedom before I go on a month of Optifast, before I have my Bariatric surgery. OH well, maybe my fingers will slim down too and I shall make less mistakes. Yeah right!

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  1. LOL Does Tim know that you did this? Does he know that you wasted his precious time and specialist attention as You didn't say in your blog that you actually admitted to him as well as your partner that you decided to ''Do the right thing''?? No doubt you may have lost some files unless you have somehow had remembered to do regular routine backups of your computer. I look forward to seeing half of you this year hopefully as we come back to New Zealand from the Uk, for a holiday for now, not permanently yet...... TBC (by Neil's Niece in the UK)