Sunday, February 3, 2013

Australian 'sour grapes' at the success of our white wines.

Australians love to take the piss out of New Zealand. Well it seems that they have gone one step further in that they are saying our New Zealand white wines are just that---piss. What they are failing to admit is that many NZ white wines are outselling the local product. They say that our wines are over rated and that they are nothing more than MacDonald’s wines.
What a hoot. Those narrow minded xenophobic wine makers and merchants are just pissed off (yes same words again) that NZ is a maker of very good wines. My advice---if you can’t hack the heat of the big world of wine making, then get the heck out of the winery.
Come-on mates. Get a sense of balance; not with the wines, cause you already have that. You make great wines; reds and whites. I love to buy your wine but I am not going to go boo hoo, because you outsell us in the world markets. Let the buyers decide, or are you going to do to us what you did re our wonderful apples. I think the heat has got to some of those who make such statements about our beautiful wines. Better still--- come over and sample them in their exotic settings. We shall make you most welcome. Let’s face it----- with the fires and the floods, you all need a break.

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