Friday, January 11, 2013

Thanks---you have helped me to 58,000 hits!

Thank you to all of my many readers. I know my blogging is only small-time compared to those who number their readers in the millions. (Mine is only about 58,000 as of January 12, 20134)  I think that what I enjoy most is the fact that so many people from numerous nations are reading the blogs.

I know that much of what I say is a bit controversial and sometimes written when I am pissed off about an issue (for example---the on-going, ‘forever’ debate about ‘gun laws in the USA). I know that my words can offend, but if it stimulates debate, then all is well. I have to admit that I deliberately go out on a ledge in order to stimulate that debate a bit like a ‘devil’s advocate.’ It is interesting to note that people don’t make comments on my blog, but they do where I have ‘pasted’ the debate to Facebook.

Help me to get my blog out there even more, by sending the link to your contacts. Yes, if that helps me sell some of my books, I owe you a big thank you. However, that is not what has happened. I have made virtually no sales that way. It’s a hard yacker, trying to sell self-published books! I think I have to get my books on Amazon etc. If you can pass on my website that would be great too.

Don’t forget (especially if you are in NZ and Australia, local libraries may have my books, so ask them and they may buy them. Just a reminder—all you need is the title and my name.

1)    Coastal Yarns  by Neil Coleman

2)    Roskill  by Neil Coleman

3)    Talk To Me  by Neil Coleman


Pass them on and ask for them at your library----Better still, buy them from me.


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