Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sir Paul Holmes--he said what we wanted to say. RIP.

Sir Paul had a way with words. He also had a strong sense of what ‘should be.’ He was not afraid to speak out and often went way beyond his job as a reporter or newsman. Sometimes he let his passion get in the way and ended up in hot water, but we loved him for that too. He was never afraid to say ‘sorry’ when he stuffed up, but it was in those moments that he made us laugh too; both with him and at him.
He had human fallings but he ‘owned them.’ He set things right when others would have dived for cover. He had the ‘fears’ we all have about ‘what is to come,’ after death and he put those out there in a way that we can relate to them.
Sir Paul was a part of our life; on TV and radio. That special way he had of reporting the days’ issues sometimes put him on the wrong side with his employers and maybe with some of his listeners and viewers, but isn’t that what a good reporter should do, if that person is seeking the truth.
Sir Paul---- you made a difference to the lives of many. You made us think, laugh, cry and you brought out the compassion we are all capable of feeling but are very good at hiding.
Thank you Sir Paul, for your gift of living and being as one with us. You will be remembered.

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