Wednesday, January 2, 2013

May we please have the 'truth' about Kim Dotcom

So now KDC is sueing the FBI--who's next? He has the NZ Government (that means us indirectly as we pay for their stuff-ups). WE need the truth about the whole affair but as with so many of the 'wheeling and delaings' of these so-called 'players' in htis crazy plot, we just don't know. All we can do is guess what is behind their goings on. It's all about money, power and God knows what.  The 'little' people are left wondering where and what it is all about while the 'actors' play games and manipulate the media. Add to that, the political ramifications and you have a pretty potent mix. Who can blame the rest of us for being a tad confused? I guess we accept that the police and the Government stuffed up and the USA hasn't come out of this too well either. Confused?---well you should be. As for KDC---he must be laughing. I wonder who will have the last laugh!

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