Thursday, January 10, 2013

Joe Biden takes on the NRA.

Joe Biden has come up with some sensible moves that ‘may’ make US gun laws a little more sensible. He was tasked with coming up with legislation to curb the rampant ownership of guns, particularly the semi-Automatic and military style ones. That would include I assume, the multiple cartridges that go along with these guns.

I don’t think many redneck ‘mid-west ‘ type whackos would read my blog because that is probably beyond them, but for those more liberal citizens, who won guns and act sensibly, nay diatribe had never been intended for you, so put your hat on tightly and listen to what is essentially a ‘world view’ on gun ownership and the USA.

Ooops, that would have gotten right up the craw of many of my American readers (and let’s face it, you make up by far the majority of my readership) and I expect that I shall receive some ‘rocks’ on my Facebook pages as a result. Before you do post replies, try to see how the rest of the world views the USA and ‘care for a change.’ It is so easy to say---‘stuff the rest of the world!’  and ‘This is the good old USA and we don’t give a rotting blind rat’s ass about what you think!’

OK, I have had your hissy fit for you, so you can go back to your huntin’ and fishin’ and target practising with your automatics (maybe you are just rotten shots and need to send a barrage of bullets at your targets in the hope you will hit something---Damn Daniel Boon wold be croaking in his grave) and let Joe get on with working out some sensible legalisation.
Apart from the portion of the world where there are mostly failed or semi-failed governments, the rest of us actually already have good rules around gun ownership. Yes, the criminals get hold of guns and do their thing from time to time, but not in the proportion that happens in the USA. Your new laws need to have better ‘background checks and ban the ownership and use of ‘working’ military- style guns. There is also the ‘storage’ of these weapons. Many countries insist on ‘safes and separate storage of ‘parts’ of the guns. We also have lengthy interviews with people wishing to own guns. I know--- that is all too much for many gun toting Americans. If the majority of Americans who are now against unfettered gun ownership take offence at my words, I genuinely apologize to you, but not to the other ‘frothing at the mouth’ deadbeats who we are seeing ion TV lately. Come on America---wake up to reality. You are not so different to the rest of us! Take a lead you ‘silent majority types’ and BECOME LOUD!

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